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April 2013 Newsletter: April 2013 Newletter

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Summer Projects

Based on the volume of positive customer comments, the library's recent renovations on the first floor east end of the building have greatly improved the quality of students' work space.  The new flooring, paint, seating and computer lab arrangement have made the library a more pleasant and comfortable place to study.

Plans are now in development to update the first floor west wing of the library.  Proposed improvements for this area include new flooring, new individual and group study carrels, and new seating arrangements and furniture.

West wing renovations will not begin until after the completion of the Spring 2013 semester. As these projects start, there may be periods in which the Government Document and Main print collections on the first floor will not be accessible. The Library will continue to provide resources for UCA students and faculty through our online collections, interlibrary loan, and through our local library partnerships.

Announcements will be made through the UCA listserv, the Library web page, and the library's Twitter account as renovation plans and dates are finalized. Please stay tuned for updates, and contact the Library with any questions or concerns.

Coming Soon: Family Bathrooms

More improvements are in the works at the UCA Library, with special consideration for the diversity of our academic community.  Plans are underway to create two new family bathrooms on the first floor of the library, next to the west elevator.  The new family bathrooms represent the first phase in the renovation of all library bathrooms, which was requested by the student representatives on the UCA Library Committee.  In the spring 2012 semester, the student members of the committee approved the use of funding from the student library fee to cover the expense of these renovations.

The new family bathrooms will support the needs of UCA’s diverse population.  In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the new bathrooms will be accessible to people with mobility challenges.  These bathrooms will be designated as unisex to offer a safe facility for transgender students.  The family bathrooms will support the needs of non-traditional students with families by providing changing tables and a private area equipped with seating and power outlets to accommodate the needs of nursing mothers.  These renovations support UCA’s mission to remain responsive to the diverse needs of its service community.

In addition, library administrators are in the process of obtaining cost estimates for remodeling the library’s first floor men's restroom and the first floor east women's restroom. The bathrooms on the east side of the library have not been remodeled or updated since the 1960s, and those on the west side have not been remodeled since the west end was constructed in 1991.  Remodeled bathrooms will include new tiling, new sinks and updated color and design in compliance with ADA guidelines.

The UCA Library endeavors to remain mindful of the diversity of our community in the planning and provision of all library services.  If you have suggestions for other ways we can support the diverse needs of our customers, please send your comments to our suggestion box.