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November 2012 Newsletter: November 2012 Newletter

November 2012

Library Catalog's New Look


The Library Catalog has recently been updated and enhanced. The catalog now has a new look and offers new features including book covers, tables of contents, and reviews for select resources. 

The Children's Collection's New Location

The Children’s Collection has moved out of Room 221 on the second floor and into the eastern side of the open space in front of the library administration offices. In addition to the location change, librarians are also weeding and refreshing the collection itself. The collection remains organized by the Dewey Decimal System and items can be found by searching our Library Catalog.  

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By phone at 450-5224

Email questions at Ask a Librarian

Email comments, concerns, and suggestions at Make a Suggestion

24/5 Project - By Chrissy Karafit

As of September 23, 2012, the Torreyson Library is now open all night, five days a week!  In past semesters, the library closed at midnight on Sunday through Thursday, but the Night Owl Study Room was open to students between midnight and 7:00 am.  At the request of the Student Government Association, the entire first floor of Torreyson Library is now open to UCA students, faculty and staff between midnight and 7:00 am, Monday through Friday.  For the fall 2012 and spring 2013 semesters, the library opens Sunday at 2:00 pm and remains open all day and night until Friday at 5:00 pm.  (The library is also open 8:30 am to 4:00 pm on Saturdays.)  Students have access to the main computer lab, printers, textbook reserves and laptop checkout during these overnight hours. 


For the safety and security of students during late-night hours, the library’s front doors lock at midnight, and UCA IDs are required to enter the library between midnight and 7:00 am.  Students can only enter the library through the front doors on the south side of the building during late-night hours.  Also, private study carrels and the computer labs in room 117 and the Night Owl room remain locked between midnight and 7:00 am for safety purposes.  UCA Police Department routinely patrols the library during overnight hours.


The Student Government Association approved the usage of student library fee money to cover the cost of necessary overnight staffing and security accommodations to support 24-hour library access.  The library added three full-time staff to work the overnight shift, making a total of four staff available to assist students and oversee building security after midnight.  At this time, safety precautions dictate that the library’s second floor is not accessible to students between midnight and 7:00 am.  However, pending additional staff, security measures and funding availability, it is possible that the entire library will remain open 24 hours in the foreseeable future.


The 24/5 Project has been very successful thus far.  Between September 23rd and October 13th, staff members have counted a total of 779 students coming into the library between midnight and 7:00 am, with an average of 52 students per evening.  These stats do not include the number of students who came to the library earlier and stayed after midnight.  This means the total number of students using the library between midnight and 7:00 am most likely averages between 100 and 150 each night.  Student feedback about the library’s new overnight hours has been very positive.


The Torreyson Library faculty and staff are thrilled that we can offer our students increased access to computers, study space and library resources.  Do you have any questions about this service or suggestions for improvement?  If so, please send us your questions at Ask a Librarian and submit your thoughts and comments to our Suggestion Box.